Water Worlds

This is a game I wrote back in 1993 (I was 15 or 16). I recently found it again, and it made me feel very nostalig.

The game is written in Microsoft QuickC 2.5. It originally ran on a 40Mhz 80386DX computer with VGA graphics and with MSDOS 5.

This game features smooth, omnidirectional scrolling, which was the holy grail of game programming, for me, at the time. This was impossible in BASIC. So I learned C.

On top of that, the screen moves with a phychedelic wavy rippling effect. Wow.

The game also has sound effects through the Gravis UltraSound, which was the most awsome sound card at the time: up to 32 channels of wavetable synthesis!

The controls are rather awkward. The Alt and Ctrl keys are used for left and right movement. The left shift key is the fire button and the right shift is the jump key. On many modern keyboards, in particular laptops, the shift is no longer directly above the Alt and Ctrl, and there's usually a 'menu' button in between, so the controls are a bit tricky to use.

It runs fine using DOSBox. It doesn't run very well on modern hardware (a HP Pavillion laptop, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA graphics with FreeDOS). The game runs for a couple of minutes (sometimes just seconds) before the machine locks up.

Some screenshots (made with DOSBox)

Gameplay video (made with DOSBox). This plays through a couple of levels. I don't make it to the last level because the controls are just too tricky on a modern laptop keyboard.

(download AVI file)

The complete game is available for download. The download includes the EXE file, the data files and the source files. It also includes a level editor. Feel free to use them in any way you think fit (they are freeware) but please do give attribution to original author.

Last update: 2012-10-01