This is a game I wrote when I was a kid (probably around 1989, I must have been 12). I recently found it again, and it made me feel very nostalig.

The game is written in Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5. It originally ran on a 33Mhz 80386SX computer with VGA graphics and with MSDOS 5 (I think).

The game uses a clever trick to scroll the screen (I dubbed it block-scrolling). The screen scrolls in discrete steps of one 16x16 block. A block is drawn only if the adjacent block is different. In fact, only the horizontal changes are stored in the map, similar to a run-length encoding.

You can choose to play one of three 'characters'. Rambouli, Wopper and Vloep. Their capabalities are exactly the same (run, jump, shoot, die).

It still runs fine using DOSBox, or even on modern hardware using FreeDOS. I was amazed it run almost flawlessly on a modern machine (i.e. a HP Pavillion laptop, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA graphics, FreeDOS 1.1). I noticed many old VGA programs have problems on modern graphics boards, but this one still works. Only the character choose screen doesn't work because when you press space at the intro screen, you will hold it too long and automatically choose a character, because loading the screen is so much faster than back then, and the program doesn't wait for the key release.

Some screenshots (made with DOSBox).

Gameplay video. This plays the first level and a bit of level 2. Ther are three levels in total. When you die, you are immediatly kicked out of the game, back to the DOS prompt. Harsh!

(download AVI file)

The complete game is available for download. The download includes the EXE file, the data files and the source files. You don't need QuickBasic to run the game. The source files unfortunately cannot be interpreted or compiled, because it seems I used a library that i don't have anymore. But feel free to use them in any way you think fit (they are freeware).

Last update: 2012-09-30